10 Interesting facts about The Worlds Largest Airline:AA

  1. In 2013 United Airlines merged with American Airlines to form the largest airline in the world to form the new American Airlines
  2. American Airways was developed from the acquisitions in 1930 of 82 small airlines
  3. The AA logo was designed in in 1967 by Massimo Vignelli
  4. American Airlines has a fleet of 619 aircraft; American Eagle has 281 aircraft
  5. Just under 7,000 flights will occur each day to 50 countries and 330 cities
  6. The new airline employs 113,000 staff
  7. The new American Airlines Group has annual revenue of about $40 billion
  8. The merger is valued at at $11 billion and take 2 years to complete
  9. AA is headquartered in Fort Worth
  10. AA owns 72% of the ‘new’ American Airlines

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