Ryanairs recent improvements appear to be working

In October 2013, Ryanair announced a complete overhaul of its customer facing operations. Improved customer service, upgraded online customer experience and a complete change in customer service strategy are all part a plan to win customers and reverse the perception that Ryanair is not fun to travel with.

Roll on 9 months and I have to say they have done well. Not that they deserve an applause. They are after all a publically listed company but it does certianly show how a juggernaut can turn around quite quickly. Since returning to Ireland I have flown Ryanair 6 times. I had refused to fly for almost 10 years after a number of very poor experiences.

The Ryanair website is now easy. Easy is an important word when 100% of your bookings arrive via your website. In the past it was complicated, slow, difficult to navigate and took a minimum of 30 minutes to book a flight. Now the experience is identical to any airline booking engine. So good in fact thats its now extremely easy to compare identical flights from competitor airlines such as Aer Lingus and British Airways.

Quiet flights have also been introduced where no silly hooters or landing celebrations are used on flights before and after 8pm. Thats a relief. Nothing as bad as hearing passengers clap or stupid air horns being played as you land.

All online bookings are now open to a 24 period for making changes which now reduces the cost if you make  a mistake while booking.

Ticket re-issue fees and baggage fees have also been cut. The real truth is that Ryanair are only are only finishing what should have been, many years ago.

Many large organisations rush to market with a business strategy.  Once it works they fail to revisit the customer experience and suffer in the long term. Pay Pal is a prime example of a technology company that failed to improve it customer experience over the last 20 years. Lets hope Ryanair made the changes in time.

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